Selling and trading your used books at Beers has never been easier.

Please familiarize yourself with a few fine points of our buying process before you bring your books down:

  • We buy books everyday on an appointment basis Please call us first to schedule an appointment.

  • We limit each seller to four file-sized boxes worth of books or six standard-sized grocery bags. If you bring more than four boxes or six bags, we will only look at a fraction of your books.

  • We do not do house-calls. We do not do curb-calls.

  • We will not make any appraisals or estimations over the phone or via email; we need to see the physical condition of the books in question.

  • Please call ahead of time if you wish to sell us books.

  • Bring your books through the front entrance of the store down to the end of the counter. We have hand-trucks available if you need to use them; don't hesitate to ask. Generally, though, we ask that you make arrangements so that you can bring your books into the store yourself. Please bring your books in appropriate containers. Make sure you alert a member of our staff to your books, and let us know that you intend to sell them.

  • There may be a brief waiting period during which time you should feel free to browse our store. Please do not "hover" around the counter while we look at your books. We need a little room to work and will happily answer any questions you have when we are finished appraising your books.

  • You cannot drop your books off and leave the store as our space is limited. We are not responsible for books left in the store overnight. If you do not have time for us to look at your books, please bring them in when you do; we are usually very quick.

  • Once we have looked at your books, we will make you an offer on what we have selected. We will offer you a quarter of our selling price in cash or a third of our selling price in "used trade credit." This used trade credit is good toward anything used in the store; it applies to hardback and quality sized paperbacks, mass market paperbacks. Your credit has no expiration date and may be used at anytime.

  • So, by way of example, if you brought us a very good copy of Fahrenheit 451 that retailed for $16.00 as a new book, we would generally price the book as a used book for $8.00, and offer the seller $2.00 in cash or $2.66 in used trade credit.

  • Any books that we do not buy will be your responsibility to take back with you. We do not accept large donations of books. We will not make you a blanket offer on a certain quantity of books. We will not quote you an offer on books by the unit, the box, or the yard.

  • There are some books that we call "pocketbooks" for which we only offer a very specific trade credit; we call this credit "pocketbook credit," and it may only be redeemed for other pocketbooks. Pocketbooks are works of fiction in mass market paperback format. You will be given a credit based on the cover price of your pocketbooks to be applied to our stock. This credit applies only to used pocketbooks and is not valid for the purchase of hardbacks, quality paperbacks.