Beers Books is NOT going out of business! We're just moving around the corner!

Hey Booklovers, we're moving to a bigger and arguably nicer space at 712 R St. - just a couple blocks away. We'll be closing up shop at our current location at the end of March, and will open at the new space when the renovations are done, hopefully in early summer. So worry not, we'll be a stone's throw away in a fancy new space. Of course, we'll need customers to come with us, so any support in the meantime will directly facilitate awesomeness of the new space. Just chill out, take a deep breath. Beers is planning on sticking around for another 90 or so years.

A New Partnership With

We're excited to announce that we've teamed up with to help with the massive increase in special orders and new-book sales. allows customers to shop online while supporting their favorite local and independent bookstores in the process. All you have to do is make your way to our page to get started. Just make sure you can see the Beers Books logo on the top left of your screen to confirm that you're supporting us directly!

Keep in mind that this is only for new books and special orders sent to your house via distributor. To check stock on new and used books that we have in-store, a phone call is still best. Thanks, and happy holidays!

Beers Newsletter, 1946

To coincide with our upcoming newsletter, I've uploaded an image of this fascinating piece of history. This is a Beers Books newsletter from right around the end of World War II! It may be a little hard to read-- I scanned and photographed the sheet about 20 times in order to get a somewhat clear picture. The picture on here is slightly lower quality, so here's a link to a higher res version. --> 1946 Beers Newsletter