Beers Books is NOT going out of business! We're just moving around the corner in Spring 2023

Hey Booklovers, some of you may have seen that the building we have been occupying since 2003 will be demolished. We (the owners) unfortunately had to sell the building last year. But check it out-- we're moving to a bigger and arguably nicer space at 712 R St. 'Just a couple blocks away. We don't have all of the details yet, but we'll likely move in during the spring of 2023, after the holidays, when the renovations are done. So worry not, we'll be a stone's throw away in a fancy new space. Of course, we'll need customers to come with us, so any support in the meantime will directly facilitate awesomeness of the new space. Just chill out, take a deep breath. Beers is planning on sticking around for another 90 or so years.